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  • Alicia Matthew

The Future of Teen Health 101

By: Alicia Mathew, Contributing Writer

Edited by: Eve Nevelos, Editor in Chief

Teen Health 101 is a very notable name in the large community of youth-led organizations. It has a team of 400 internal members and a following of over 6,000 passionate individuals dedicated to sharing accurate information about health and medicine for teens, by teens. Teen Health 101 is also a registered 501(c)3 non-profit and works closely with other nonprofits to plan and host events, articles, and more. The founder of Teen Health 101, Valeri Guevarra, hopes that “teens utilize TH101’s resources to remain educated and informed about the health world around them.” Teen Health 101 is an inspiring organization with an inspiring mission and has been featured on WCBS Newsradio 880, News12 New Jersey,, and more. With all that being said, what is the future trajectory for Teen Health 101? Taking the history of Teen Health 101 into account, what are the estimated future projections for the organization?

For starters, the Teen Health 101 staff is split between content creators, executive board members, and ambassadors. The content creation team includes a group of fifteen contributing writers who write monthly articles for the Teen Health 101 Blog. The writers write about specific topics concerning the medical field including but not limited to nutrition, healthcare, mental health. The sheer number of articles that have already been created and posted to the Teen Health 101 blog is astounding and reaches a number that extends far beyond the website’s display limit. In addition to the amount of contributing writers on Teen Health 101’s internal team, the future of Teen Health 101’s blog is fruitful. Because of the constant flow of informative and accurate information produced by Teen Health 101’s team, Teen Health 101 can continue to inform youth about the truths in medicine.

Continuing on, Teen Health 101’s monthly magazine is a group effort by almost every member of the Teen Health 101 staff. The Teen Health 101 contributing writers create articles for the magazine while the magazine staff create, format, and edit the magazine layout. When the magazine is finished, it is posted to Teen Health 101’s platforms. This magazine serves as an on-theme one-stop shop for teens to find accurate information about medicine and health. If it aligns with Teen Health 101’s future plans, the magazine will continue to combat the misinformation regarding fake medical claims. Additionally, if Teen Health 101 decides to take its magazine in a new direction, the expertly-made pages and professional feel of the magazine will carry it far beyond its current success.

Teen Health 101’s Instagram platform houses a convenient way for them to connect with their following on a personal level. Their platform currently has over 6,000 followers, and they post frequently about healthcare facts and other related information. Additionally, they post story posts showcasing their team, events, magazines, podcasts, the organization’s culture, mental health facts, and shoutouts. Their Instagram posts span the entire organization, and they include information about various medical topics. When one reads through their page, they can gain valuable information about Teen Health 101 and the world of medicine. The posts are designed by the content creation team, and they are supported by Teen Health 101’s large network. In the future, Teen Health 101’s Instagram platform is projected to become larger than life. Because of the team’s strong outreach strategy, the chances that Teen Health 101 will reach ten thousand followers is very promising.

Teen Health 101 also hosts a podcast. This podcast is hosted by the podcast team, consisting of podcast editors, podcasters, and the Director of Podcasts. Teen Health 101’s podcast is available on multiple different platforms, such as Spotify,, Apple podcasts, and all other major podcasting platforms. This ensures that any individual who needs access to reputable and reliable medical information can find this information on a platform that they are familiar with. Teen Health 101’s platform is extremely successful, but still has room to grow immensely in the future. With the help of Teen Health 101’s dedicated staff, the organization will rise further and further.

Teen Health 101 was founded to help combat misinformation about health and medicine. In the near future, Teen Health 101 is predicted to grow exponentially via their magazine, articles, press coverage, Instagram, and more. Teen Health 101 maintains its reputation as a reliable organization and will continue to do so in the future, mainly through its consultant board and its team. Teen Health 101’s consultant board is full of licensed medical professionals who fact-check and verify all of the information circling around Teen Health 101’s community. With Valeri Guevarra’s leadership skills and her ability to manage such a vast team, Teen Health 101 is not far away from its successful legacy. Teen Health 101 is thriving with its mission to fight medical misinformation for teens and will continue to flourish in the near future.

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3 comentarios

10 oct 2021

yesss, it's a great community to partake in!

Me gusta

Matthew Vo
Matthew Vo
29 sept 2021


Me gusta

26 sept 2021

It truly is a great organization for teens to obtain information on all things health!

Me gusta
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