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Meet the Teen Health 101 Executive Board, a group of leaders that guide their respective departments towards meeting Teen Health 101's three values, reliability, inspiration, and education. 

Valeri Guevarra 


Valeri Guevarra is a 17-year-old junior at Indian Hills High School in NJ. Like other members of Gen-Z, she loves social media and the internet. Growing up with both, she witnessed the influence one voice or a collection of voices could have online, whether it has a positive and negative impact. Inspired by current events and her personal journey through health/fitness, Valeri founded Teen Health 101 to help teens lost in the masses of online health resources available, combat the spread of misinformation online, and amplify youth voices in healthcare.


Although she had an inherent interest in the healthcare industry with many family members pursuing nursing, she has cultivated her own independent passion for the field through Teen Health 101. Some of her favorite topics to cover are medical careers, reproductive rights, access to healthcare, mental health, and nutrition. Guevarra is also a writer, athlete, activist, and public speaker. 


Valeri hopes that teens utilize TH101’s resources to remain educated and informed about the health world around them. She also hopes that the organization inspires others to take initiative and create a solution to problems they see in the world and not be afraid to be a voice even in an adult-dominated field like healthcare. 

Andrew Simmers


Andrew Simmers is a 17-year-old from New Jersey. He joined Teen Health 101 early in the summer of 2020 because he felt teen mental health issues were not highlighted enough in media and society. He enjoys sports in my free time, and I’m a member of my high school's football and track team! He hopes that as time goes on Teen Health 101 grows in prominence into being the centerpiece around teen health!

Eve Nevelos


Eve Nevelos (any pronouns) is currently in high school, enrolled in a Science, Medicine, and Research University Program in New Jersey. Eve joined Teen Health 101 in October 2021 upon being introduced to the platform through Valeri Guevarra while working collaboratively at her school newspaper. Eve is passionate about advocating for global healthcare, promoting climate justice, fostering loving and accepting environments for all, and engaging peers in forward-moving political discussions. They can be found cooking, writing, walking, or listening to music in their free time. Eve hopes to see Teen Health 101 empower young people with knowing the strength of their voice and the power of their bodies - and how to protect that resilience with healthy routines.

Julianna Zelnhefer


Julianna (Jules) Zelnhefer is a 16-year-old from New Jersey and joined Teen Health 101 in July 2020. She wanted to stop the spread of misinformation on social media, especially since teens and younger people can be impressionable and blindly believe in the media. She is also interested in neuroscience, psychology, and biology, and loves advocating for mental health awareness. Additionally, she loves to read fiction and go on walks during a nice day and participates in dance, plays the piano, plays the ukulele, as well as sings. She hopes TH101 is able to make a difference among media platforms and help inform teens on ways they can both be healthy and happy.

Karis Kelly


Karis Kelly (she/her/hers) is an IBDP Candidate sophomore at William Howard Taft High School in Chicago, Illinois. At Teen Health 101, she is the Magazine Editor in Chief. Karis joined TH101 because she noticed youth needed a place for reliable information. By helping start the TH101 Digital Magazine, she helped create a new platform for students to get information. Outside of TH101, she is the Founder/CEO of Youth Medicine Today, Assistant Marketing Officer at the Junior Economic Club of Chicago, and Senior Medical Writer for Inspire Medicine. In her free time, Karis enjoys listening to music, going to cafes, and reading.

Raffia Faisal


Raffia Faisal (she/her) is a 17-year-old from Toronto, Canada. A passionate writer, Raffia enjoys the art of storytelling through literature, and you often will find her with her nose buried in a book. Born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan, Raffia has seen the problems that arise because of the inaccessibility of education firsthand. As Teen Health 101’s Co-Director of Projects/Events, Raffia aspires to help organize events and projects that make educational opportunities for teens more accessible.

Anika Tripathi


Anika Tripathi is a 16-year-old student. In April 2021, she joined Teen Health 101 because the organization fused all of her favorite passions into one. she has always been intrigued by medicine and enjoys writing and marketing, so this organization provided me with an opportunity to pursue these interests. Outside of Teen Health 101, her favorite hobbies are going on bike rides, watching Netflix, and reading. Speech, Mock Trial, and Key Club are some other extracurriculars she participates in within her school. In the future, she hopes to support Teen Health 101 in developing and flourishing, as well as making new connections with others through this organization!

Nitya Kottapally


Nitya Kottapally is a 15-year-old high school sophomore from Georgia, USA. She joined Teen Health 101 in November 2020. She joined Teen Health to help the growth of accurate and straightforward information for Teens. Nitya loves reading, listening to music, watching movies and TV shows, and listening to true crime! Nitya is a Junior Director at the non-partisan organization Asian Youth Act and participates in various clubs. She hopes to further expand TH101's reach and increase their reliability and reach.

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