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Teen Table Talks is a podcast where a couple of teens have a roundtable conversation about health topics that greatly impact youth and teens today. Join us at our ‘lunch table’ where a group of teens come together to debate, joke, and share experiences about topics from nutrition to mental health to the healthcare industry.

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Episode 13: Vaccine Inequality 

About the Episode

Ridhi talks about the effects of vaccine inequality, specifically about how it is affecting communities globally from the coronavirus pandemic. She gives her insight into what leaders could be doing to prevent this situation from reaching new, extreme heights, ending it off with information and a new mindset on how everyone can do their part to protect themselves, their loved ones, and others around them. This podcast was filmed in May. 


Episode 12: Debunking Diets with a Dietitian

About the Episode

Athena and special guest Monica Auslander Moreno go through popular Tik Tok diets and what you need to leave behind in the diet world. Monica Moreno also goes through your top Q & A health questions all on this exclusive episode. 


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