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Teen Table Talks is a podcast where a couple of teens have a roundtable conversation about health topics that greatly impact youth and teens today. Join us at our ‘lunch table’ where a group of teens come together to debate, joke, and share experiences about topics from nutrition to mental health to the healthcare industry.

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Episode 9: Effects of Autism on Teenage Minds

About the Episode

In Teen Health 101's ninth episode of their podcast Teen Table Talks, Ridhi discusses different Autism Spectrum Disorders in honor of Autism Awareness Month. She discusses how it affects teenage minds, specifically their social lives, emotions, neurological and executive functions, and she talks about how to get involved in combating this issue.

Episode 8: COVID-19: One Year Later

About the Episode

In Teen Health 101's eighth episode of their podcast Teen Table Talks, Han and Athena reflect on the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on their lives one year after it was declared a pandemic by WHO. 

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