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Teen Health 101 Projects


At Teen Health 101, we aspire to create reliable, free, and informative media available to youth all around the world. In the past, the role of the Projects and Events Team has been to host educational webinars. With over 300 registrants, youth from all around the world attend to learn more about career paths in health and medicine. 


With our mission in mind, the Projects and Events Team created School Snacks 101. This recipe pamphlet has nutritious, easy-to-make, and affordable recipes for students. Crafted by our very own, each recipe was tested, and made by students, for students. Our TH101 nutritionist consultant, Monica Moreno, also has assisted in producing this snack book. With a wide variety of recipes, there’s something for everyone to try and enjoy.  


We hope you enjoy making these recipes as much as we did! 


Raffia Faisal

Director of Projects and Events

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