Mental Health

Mental Health - relates to cognitive, behavioral and emotional well-being 

Mental Health is more than not having mental disorders or disabilities; it is ensuring that one's mind is well and happy. Mental health can change and be improved; some disorders can be overcome and reduced to where the disorder does not significantly impact the person.


Everyone has some risk of developing a mental illness, regardless of history, social status, race, culture, or age, but often it is social/financial circumstances, biological factors, and lifestyle that all shape a person’s mental health. Some causes of mental illness include inherited traits, exposure to alcohol/drugs in the womb, and brain chemistry. In addition, there are several specific factors that increase the odds of developing a mental illness such as stress, divorce, loved one's death, traumatic experiences (ex. shooting or sexual assault) and ongoing chronic medical conditions (ex. cancer or diabetes). Teens are often the most affected age group for mental health disorders or illness due to frequent stress about grades, future, and social status. 1/5 American teens suffer from at least one mental illness; some of the most common include depression and anxiety disorders. 

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