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About Teen Health 101


Real Information. 

Teen Health 101 was originally a personal blog called Spice of Life that encouraged the youth to be cultured and informed about the more world around them.

Spice of Life was then transformed into a health blog for our founder's sophomore English passion project. 


With the rise of fake news and fitness gurus promoting apple cider potions as a method to lose weight, today's youth is at risk for being misinformed about real health and fitness. In response, our founder reimagined her original blog to an online hub for reliable health resources. Through the use of a simple website with limited bias and contributions by fellow teens, health advice guidelines from WHO-affiliated Health On the Net, and a consultant board of medical professionals, Teen Health 101 strives to be a reliable resource for health information and science for teens. 

Teen Health 101 is a youth-led 501(c)3 nonprofit media organization that focuses on creating multi-media and reliable health resources to educate and inform the youth. Teen Health 101’s mission is to combat the spread of misinformation and be a platform for the youth to find simple and accurate information about all things health. Teen Health 101 utilizes modern-day forms of communication, such as a website, blog posts, social media, podcasts, digital magazines, and webinars, to accomplish this mission.  Topics that we frequently cover across all of our media platforms include but are not limited to mental health, nutrition, and fitness. 

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