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At Teen Health 101, our goal is to provide teens with reliable, accurate information with simplified terminology and resources catered specifically for the teenage audience. Explore our numerous articles, podcasts, & magazines!

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With Magazines, Podcasts, Articles & More, Teen Health 101 is a go-to source for all information regarding Mental & Physical Health and More!


About Us

Teen Health 101 is a youth-led 501(c)3 nonprofit platform that focuses on creating multi-media and reliable resources about health, fitness, and science to educate and inform the youth. 

Teen Health 101’s mission is to combat the spread of misinformation/misleading facts and be a platform for the youth to find simple and accurate information about all things health.


Teen Health 101 utilizes modern-day forms of communication, such as blog posts, social media platforms, videos, and podcasts, to accomplish this mission. 

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+ 400 Student Staff

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Our Core Values

At Teen Health 101, we aspire to make the most reliable, free, and informative articles available. As a group of teens, we strive to provide our audience with top-class articles and magazines. 


Education is taken into account when our articles are created. The purpose of our various resources is to educate our audience with fascinating articles that enlighten our reader's minds .



Inspiration is the key component of what got Teen Health 101 founded, and is one of our goals for our reader's to experience. Through exploring our website and various sources, we hope to foster creativity and enlightenment in our reader's minds.



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Mental Health

Basic Information about Mental Health & a stream of blog posts related to the topic.

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