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  • Elias Azizi

Easy exercises to do during the winter

By : Elias Azizi, Contributing Writer

Out of all the seasons during the year, one can easily agree that summer is the best for physical activity. With high temperatures and minimal precipitation, it is very easy to find ways to exercise and stay fit. However, when it starts to get colder, and winter approaches, there are fewer opportunities for exercise. Colder weather, icy roads, and windy conditions can make it difficult, even impossible to perform outdoor sports and activities. Indoor activities tend to be more appropriate for this type of weather.

Knowing such, one may argue that there are many opportunities for exercise during the winter as well, since one can go to gyms. This is true, but one must not forget about the poor road conditions during the winter. Often, the streets are lined with a thick layer of ice, making it dangerous to drive around. With poor road conditions, it will be very difficult to get to a gym, therefore narrowing your options. For this very reason, I will be showcasing multiple different and efficient exercises that one can do during the winter.


The majority of these exercises do not require any expensive equipment, making them accessible to most.

  1. Cardio exercises: This would refer to exercises like jumping jacks and burpees. In order to do these activities, all you need is a tidy room and a positive mindset. These exercises are great for endurance. When doing jumping jacks and burpees, start by performing smaller sets, and slowly increasing the set size to challenge yourself. The burpee is such an effective exercise because it requires the use of many muscles in your body. Since the burpee is composed of multiple moves, like the push up, your upper and lower body, along with your leg muscles, are all activated during this exercise. This would ensure that one is burning many calories and maintaining strength.

  2. Core exercises: These types of exercises will help build abs. Teens and adults always dream to have abs. These muscles just tend to be attractive to them. By doing exercises like crunches and sit-ups, you will activate your core muscles, and lower your overall body fat percentage. The key to abs is to reduce body fat percentage, so by completing these exercises, you will get one step closer to having abs. In order for maximum efficiency, one should perform these exercises the same way that they perform the cardio ones; start off with a small set and build your way up.

  3. Flexibility exercises : it has been proven that being more flexible will reduce one’s risks of injury. Therefore, one must integrate flexibility exercises into their workout. Stretches like lunges, straddles and various yoga positions can help one become much more flexible. When performing these exercises, one must not rush. Flexibility exercises, along with most of the other exercises aren’t easy when you first start, so one must always take it slow and exercise moderately. Exercising too much can lead to soreness in body parts, aches, and injuries like broken bones and torn tendons.

Concluding statements

The three types of exercises that I listed all require little to no equipment, and can be done during any season, at any time. These exercises may not be as exciting as playing sports, but they are effective and can make you fitter. These activities may even be able to warm you up for the next summer, and increase your athletic ability in other activities. Evidently, since these exercises are so easy to do, one should not abstain from doing exercises during the winter. Staying fit has countless long term benefits for you and will prevent many diseases, so there is no reason to not do exercise, especially during the winter. I hope you all exercise regularly this winter using these exercises, and stay fit and healthy.

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Romaisa Irfan
Romaisa Irfan
Dec 31, 2020

These are also so useful and helpful to do i]during the lockdown as well!


Dec 09, 2020

In winter, all exercise is good because we just don't go out as often as in the summer. So many people abandon their healthy summer habits once winter begins and this is bad for the body due to obvious reasons but staying active is also great for mental health. Seasonal depression is real and exercising is just another effective method to combat it.

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